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This week I want to talk about ways of thinking that keep us stuck. These are roadblocks to healthy thinking. Most of the times we rationalise things by saying like “But, everyone was doing it!”  and this happens when we try to excuse from full responsibility for our actions. We seem to think of explanations that fit logically explain our decisions or behaviours. We often use rationalization to justify our bad behaviour. 

Sometimes we blame by saying things like “Someone’s gotta pay” which begins with an error in how we think about the things that happen in the world & things that happen involving other people. Let’s face it, blaming others often is a back-handed way of trying to excuse our own behaviour. Some people react in confusion by saying things like “I don’t understand” & it happens when we don’t want to face a situation, we may think if we appear puzzled & confused to others, they will let us off the hook. We sometimes use confusion when we want to avoid taking full responsibility for the things we did in the past. 

Some people react as an entitlement by saying things like “I deserve to get another chance” this way of thinking allows us to feel that we are somehow better than or more deserving of special treatment than the other guy. Most of us when we involve entitlement in our thinking, we believe that we should not have to pay consequences for our mistakes, poor decisions, or lack of effort. Empower yourself and think healthy. What matters is we bring it in our awareness what we are not aware of so we can change it. 

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