What we love doing after a long hectic day, we lie in our bed and let our imagination run free. As you sleep your mind takes you far away from the real world. You begin to dream. Over the night, you may have several dreams. In the morning, you may wake up and wonder what your dreams were supposed to mean for you & your life. 

Dream analysis brings change in a person by helping them to connect with their unconscious. Dreams are very crucial to our mental and emotional health and can be a means by which we solve problems. Dreams play a very important role in providing us with the ability to function psychologically. Dreams are a state of a person’s current mental health or a reflection of recent events. Sometimes, it is possible that dreams can come true when you believe in them. 

It gives a true picture of how we feel about ourselves, which we the conscious mind will not give. Dreams are the body’s way of rebooting the brain. Dreams represent wish fulfilment, unconscious desires, & conflicts. Dreams contain two types of contents manifest (clear) & latent (Undiscovered). Manifest includes information from the dreamer as the dreamer remembers it. Latent includes the repressed, symbolic meaning embedded within the dream. 

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