A triple-fold, full body of the human being best provides the concept of spiritual healing. In this body each individual hold three spheres of being mind, body and spirit. In cases of spiritual healing the raising of the third realm, spirit, has a healing outcome on the mind & body. It can be defined as the use of spiritual practices like prayer, and meditation for the purpose of curing or providing moral or intellectual benefits to ones illness.

While medication makes you healthier in physical sense, Spiritual healing plays a huge role in one’s health because opening up and getting control of the hurdles that appears in one’s way rather than defeating them is a great way to begin a healthy spiritual life. A form of a spiritual practise is meditation, through meditation one is able to find self awareness, and is able to untangle the source of one’s own pain. If the mind is healthy and the body is sick, then nothing is lost. If the spirit is healthy and the mind is sick, then something is lost. But if the spirit is unhealthy and sick, then everything is lost.

Spiritual healing removes suffering completely. This is true medical healing also. Any medicine given without love, does not have its desired result. Spiritual healing is love, meditation. In meditation, you and your body completely rests, physically, mentally and spiritually. Spiritual rest or meditation is the feeling of pure consciousness. One does not have to bring it from outside. Material happiness and sensory happiness are called glee or satisfaction. The power of the spirits can heal the ills of the muscle.

Everyone has constantly been seeking ways to cure & to maintain their health that had not been so fortunate in that task. The whole process of healing whether modern or alternative, comes out as being at least in part spiritual healing. The theme of having healers come & remove beings from an ill body is a constantly recurring theme in the medicinal history of every primitive religion & society. Spiritual healing is a very broad topic because there are so many ways that the spiritual part of the individual can be cultivated.

These approaches spreads through all cultures, ethnicities and religious affiliations. Approaches present in spiritual healing in diverse includes: faith healing; healing liturgies;  anointing with oil; music; meditation; and the laying on the hands. Because of these complex and diverse presentations, spiritual healing spreads into many different disciplines including the arts, theology, psychology, biology, neurology, etc. 


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