After working for a whole week, peace and relaxation is something which everyone needs. Every work has its own importance and responsibilities. We all do different kind of works; some people are involved in physical works while others do office work, in the same way some of us need outer peace and relaxation but some need inner calmness.“Distance Reiki” healing is the best way to remove your outer as well as your inner tiredness without going anywhere – just be at your home.

“Distance Reiki” healing is not too different from “Reiki” healing, the only dissimilarity is practitioner and patient is not present in the same space in “Distance Reiki”healing. To perform “DistanceReiki” healing practitioner and patient decides the date and time of the session. Before the session patient sends their photo, name, age, location to the healer and alsotell their intention to the practitioner so that both can focus on the same thing which helps practitioner to connect with the patient and sort out their problem.

At the fixed time of the session patient willneed to lie or sit on the floor in the relaxed position and close their eyes to accept the healing energy, on the other hand practitioner prepare himself to send strong energy to the patient. When practitioner sends healing energy to the patient, then he feels some physical sensations which do some relaxation internally and externally. The “Distance Reiki”healing session is normally 15 to 20 minutes long, but time can be increased if you feel deep relaxation and it also depends upon the capabilities and concentration of the practitioner as well as patient.

So this how you remove your fatigue and recharge your body with positive energy. To know more about “Distance Reiki” healing visit our website www.askhealer.com and book your appointment with world’s experienced “Reiki” healers. For any query please email us at support@askhealer.com.

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