Like a coin “Life” has also two sides i.e. positive and negative, nobody wants to choose negative side but when we see our self stuck in difficult situation then sometimes we choose negative side just to come out from the problem in some way. These situations imbalances our body as well as our chakras too. In these situations we lose our control over mind which affects our consciousness. As our mind’s consciousness is associated with Crown chakra so indirectly our crown chakra gets blocked.

Crown chakra is the seventh and the last chakra in your body. “Sahasrara” is the ancient name of this chakra. This chakra has violet color and it is located at the top of your head. This chakra is connected with your consciousness, happiness, faith, attachment, positivity etc. As much as you develop your crown chakra your consciousness goes to higher level and you need to aware of your this power. When your crown chakra I s blocked you may experience continuous headache, spiritually disconnected, excess concerns, frustration, neurological disorders problems etc. You can balance your crown chakra by practicing the following 5 simple ways.

  • Meditation is the best way to heal your crown chakra. It helps you to increase the level of your mind’s consciousness and is most important for your spiritual development.
  • Listening to some inspiring music helps you to heal your seventh chakra. It increases your concentration and focus intensity.
  • By sitting alone 5 to 10 minutes everyday helps you to understand your inner self deeply. This helps you to control your emotional problems like ego, anger, frustration etc.
  • Clear quartz, selenite, sugilite are the best crown chakra clearing crystals. By wearing these crystals in your necklaces, earrings, bracelets help you to unblock your crown chakra. If you place these crystals in your home they build a positive environment around your home and help you to heal your crown chakra.
  • Helping others is another way, which helps you to balances your seventh chakra. As much love, you give to others you will receive twice of it in return which is the excellent way to heal your crown chakra.

So above are the five simple ways to heal your crown chakra. To learn more about “Crown” chakra just visit our website www.askhealer.com and fix your appointment with world best healers. For any query you can email us at support@askhealer.com.


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