Life is full of miracles and if we work hard then miracles can happen every day. A healthy person can achieve their life goals very easily. Balanced chakras are the key for good health so, to achieve your life goals it’s very important to have balanced chakras. Solar Plexus chakra is the third chakra and “Manipura” is the Sanskrit name of this chakra. This chakra is situated just above your navel and below of your rib cage. This chakra has golden yellow colour. Solar Plexus chakra is also known as the power house of your body. It boosts up your personal powers and self-confidence which helps you to achieve your targets.

“Challenge” is the name of life. Your “Solar Plexus” chakra can be blocked when life throws heavy challenges at you and puts you in difficult situations. In these situations, your moral, self-confidence and will power become low. You struggle to achieve your targets and you completely lost your control over things. As this chakra is located in the centre of the body we face physical problems such as digestion problems, blood sugar problems etc. Anger is the most common reason for unbalanced “Solar Plexus” chakra. Here’re the top 8 ways to overcome these problems and to re-activate your “Solar Plexus” chakra.

  • Music is the most common way to balance your “Solar Plexus” chakra. It releases your stress and makes you feel calm. It also helps you to control your anger. It also open the blockages in our body
  • Focus on yellow colour helps you to balance your solar plexus chakra. By closing your eyes and visualising the images of yellow flowers provides stability to your Solar Plexus chakras.
  • Smell of some flowers like dandelions, honeysuckle, daffodils, chamomile and black-eyed susans can help you to energise your “Solar Plexus” chakra
  • Crystals like amber, citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow tourmaline, sun-stone can help you to heal your Solar Plexus chakra. Keep these crystals in your home and work place creates a positive environment around you which heal yours as well as others Solar Plexus chakra.
  • By eating healthy and yellow food like bananas, organic vegetables and fruits, sunflower seeds, yellow pears, lemons, yellow squash, yellow pepper etc helps you to heal your Solar Plexus chakra.
  • By accepting love from others and give love to others also helps you to unblock your Solar Plexus chakra.
  • Yoga is another way to clear your “Solar Plexus” chakra. Do yoga poses which strengthens the centre part of your body where third chakra is located heals your “Manipura” chakra.
  • Be curious and try something new like travel somewhere you never visited and eat some new foods which you never eat. These experiences make you feel fresh and amplify your energy and heal your “Solar Plexus” chakra.

So, above are the top 8 simple ways to put your “Solar Plexus” chakra back into the equilibrium state. To know more about Solar Plexus and other chakras just visit www.askhealer.com and book your session with world’s most excellent healers. For any query you can email us at support@askhealer.com.

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