The popularity of distance energy healing among people is increasing day by day, now it’s no more a new subject for them. The amazing thing about distance energy healing is you can heal others by sending good energetic thoughts from anywhere just by visualizing about them, it’s all depends upon how aware you are about your healing powers? Once you can understand your inner self, then you can easily beaware of your healing powers. There’s a little bit of confusion between people related to the method of sending distance energy healing to others. Here’s the right way of sending distance healing energy to others.

  • Concentration is the most important thing in distance healing energy. Firstly, find a peaceful place where no one disturbs you, so that you can concentrate properly and must confirm that place has been cleared.
  • Now sit on the floor, close your eyes, take a long deep breath, set your healing intention and then clearly imagine about a person whom you want to send healing energy.
  • To transfer affirmative beam of healing energy, build energy between your hands by rubbing them together in circular motion until you feel the energy waving in your hands.
  • Now imagine, the energy which is waving between your hands obtaining the round shape. To make energy ball bigger and more powerful increase your focus on this energy ball with every second. Give a particular color to the energy ball based upon the type of healing you want to send.
  1. Purple for psychic protection.
  2. White for spiritual healing.
  3. Blue for emotional healing.
  4. Green for heart healing.
  5. Orange for physical healing.
  • When this energy ball becomes stronger, then send this energy ball to the person by visualize about and then feel the lovely healing effect of this energy.
  • After sending the healing energy you should charge your batteries. You can walk in nature, meditate, eat healthy food and relaxing in a peaceful place to recharge your batteries.

Above is the perfect method to send distance energy healing to others. To know more about distance energy healing visit our website and book your appointment with your selected energy healer. For any query feel free to email us at

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