Activate your body with Reiki.

A lot of people think that everyday practice is only essential for no more than first 21days. Throughout this period your body gets adapted and adjusted itself according to Reiki energy and also building your Reiki channels. Once you successfully practice it for first 21 days then your body will addicted to it and if you skip it for a single day then you feel sluggish throughout the day. As your body is going through a stage of detoxification so, it’s very important to drink plenty of water and get enough nap during first 21 days.

Sometimes people feel lazy even after taking the proper sleep and their body can’t function properly. Reiki is a Japanese mode to activate your body with positive energy. Daily practice makes your Reiki channels very clear and powerful. You can practice it by yourself but firstly you need to learn proper methods of it from Reiki practitioner. There are several reasons to add this practice in your daily routine and few are written below.

  • One of the greatest reasons behind Reiki’s popularity is that it’s a stress release tool.
  • It strengthens and heals your personal relationships.
  • Reiki is the best medicine for the treatment of mental and physical problems. It can’t only treat the problems but also removes it completely so that it can’t develop ever in future.
  • By practicing it daily, surgery and other long term illnesses can be recovering very quickly.
  • For example; sometimes patient is suffering from some serious disease thus needs to take strong medicines which has lot of side effects on the body, Reiki reduces the side effects of medicines.
  • It’s an amazing means for spiritual growth.

Form kids to elders, Reiki is for everyone. Morning time or just before sleeping at night is the best time to practice Reiki. 15 to 30 minutes of daily practice makes your body energetic throughout the day. You don’t need to go anywhere out to get Reiki Healing. Just visit to book your online sessions. For any query please email us at

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