The Art of Face Reading

The practice of face reading is an ancient art known around the world. Face Reading is based on the observation that there is a connection between the structures of the face and the character or personality of the person. The personality of a person is a combination of genetic, nature and the way they are raised. 

Our face is a representation of who we are. Every face is unique to its owner. In face reading ,your face is divided into three horizontal parts, on face, first part is relatively larger than the other two parts. The ruling part can tell some information about your personality and the way one thinks.                                            

First part is called as upper part which starts from the face up until the eyebrows, second part is called as the middle part which starts from the eyebrows till the end of the nose, third part is called the lower part which starts from the nose tip till the chin. A wide forehead indicates intelligence and mental health approach towards problem solving. Thus, people with ruling upper parts will be more interested in facts and logical thinking than others. You can call people like that thinkers and deal with him/her on the basis of information and facts but this doesn’t mean that people with small upper area are an indication of low intelligence. 

A wide forehead shows that the person is intelligent but a small forehead doesn’t mean that he/she is not. People with ruling middle part are  ambitious. They strive to be better and improve the way their life is. Such people may sacrifice lots of things for the sake of reaching their ambition and making their dreams come true. 

People with ruling lower parts may enjoy taking physical risks. You may find people from this category to be a boxers or wrestlers. These people are practical and like to see how your ideas can fit in the real physical world rather than just hearing them.  A trained face reader can read a face in moments.

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