Who are Psychic Mediums?

There are many types of psychic occurences that exist. The term psychic medium refers to a person who have an ability to communicate with the spirits of the dead or of the other world or dimension. While a medium will always be psychic, a psychic is not always a medium. The main objective of a mediums’ work is to prove survival of the human personality or spirit after death to help the sorrowful person to come to terms with their loss. The ability of a psychic medium can have a life saving effect. 

The single point that is needed is the cooperation between the person who is living and the person who is in spirit. Mediumship is not scientific nor can it be outlined in specific science. Mediumship is primarily based on spiritualism in which the medium or human channel or instrument as they are at times referred to, can attain a spirit individually for several diverse needs. 


Nevertheless, people get out for a way to connect with those who have handed on and one particular way to do that is through mediumship. It is something that really, a number of people can do, but  only those who are expert mediums can do it accurately. When there are a lot of unanswered questions relating to his/her death, the help of a medium can lead to or bring closure to the family. 

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