Archangel Michael a Channeled Conversation about Clearing Negative Energy

Archangel Michael is the Divine Protector of small children, healers, and is the Patron for Soldiers everywhere. He protects us from negative energy within our thoughts, physical body and in our environment. He will cut negative energy attachments also referred to as Etheric Cords.

This mighty Archangel will clear our path, clear negative energy within and around us. He is capable of removing from us deep emotional pain, if we are truly open to receiving this gift of benevolent healing.

Hello Archangel Michael. It is an honor and a blessing to be speaking with you about this most important subject.

Archangel Michael: As it is with me also child, allowing me and my kind to speak through you reaching the many whom choose to hear and take notice of all that is being shared here among these pages.

We shall commence with the teachings of clearing. Proceed with your many questions.

Thank you Archangel Michael.

We are often told about cutting negative energy attachments, freeing our energy bodies, raising our vibration from the inside out.

Archangel Michael: Yes this is so, what is it you wish to understand further on this matter of truth?

I wish to have a deeper understanding of how cutting cords affects all our energy bodies, physical body and our Aura.

Archangel Michael: Ah with this we shall begin at the beginning.

Energy is much more fluid and yet it can also appear as non-moving or solid. Let me explain further.

The body contains and is energy. The form of a human is energy which has become matter and substance. The Earth Plane is comprised of dense matter or energy, therefore the form of the Human body has become form.

Therefore many things that have been created with thoughts and beliefs.

When beliefs change, new thought patterns are then released, creating from or shapes into physical matter then assuming into the form of substance.

As many have already spoken, there are infinite layers or vibrations of energy at various frequencies of sound and light.

There are so many frequencies of sound and light that are undetectable by or through physical eyesight, touch or hearing with physical ears.

Archangel Michael would you please help us understand how energy attachments, these etheric energy cords form both positive and negative?

Archangel Michael: Yes. It is best to receive explanation in this manner clarifying what can often be felt but not see through physical sight.

Allow me to explain in greater detail for all to grasp the subtle and at times, overwhelming power of these energy attachments upon the physical body.

Energy assumes shape, sound and light vibrating at both high and low frequencies.

All love based energies vibrate at higher levels of frequency which causes these emotions associate with love energy to be most elusive.

All fear based energies vibrate at much slower rates of frequency creating very dense, and at times very dark, heavy vibrations.

Negativity in all forms, no matter the reason, causes dis-ease, dis-harmony and imbalance on all levels of energetic vibration.

The heaviness of negative thinking and feeling energies pull down and backwards, higher vibrational energy frequencies.

In Part Two, we’ll be speaking with Archangel Michael about …

Archangel Michael is this why it can often feel like an overwhelming pull backwards into the past and even prevent us from moving forward even though this is what most Humans say they want freedom from negativity in all forms?

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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