AskHealer – a must read on the exciting new features added recently! is an open platform designed with the vision to serve the global community. And to do so, we always welcome new thoughts and amendments suggested by the users of our platform. Infact, we are trying to make this platform handier for our users, be it, healers or seekers.

Though not so long ago, around the month of June 2018, we had launched the platform for the first time and since then, we’ve requested users (both healers and seekers) to register and give their feedback. We believe that the users who are going to use the platform should be comfortable with the features, look and feel of the platform. We were open to all types of feedback to improve the overall experience and ease of using the platform. We are thankful to the healers and the seekers who’ve sent us their feedback and helped us improve. It’s just been around a few months that we had launched the platform and here we are with a plenty of improvements. Below is the list of some major changes:

  1. Meet Our Healers– One of the healers suggested that the list of the recently added healers should be the first thing seekers should see. With that suggestion, we decided to include a new section called ‘MEET OUR HEALERS’ right on our home page.
  2. New Specialties – Several healers asked us to add their healing specialties for e.g. Emotion/Body Code, Akashic Record Healing, Angel Reading, Sufi Healing’ etc are the ones we added upon special requests, we received from time to time.
  3. Free Sessions Option – We introduced the $0 fee option in the healer’s set up form as some healers told us that their sessions are purely for service and they won’t charge for their service.
  4. Healers’ Testimonials – One of the healers suggested, we must include a testimonial section within their profiles so we were glad to include it but as optional fields.
  5. Healer’s YouTube Videos – We noticed that many of our healers run their own YouTube channels and we thought it will be great idea for them to showcase (embed) a couple of YouTube videos right within the profile section of the healers. A few healers have already noticed this change and we can see they’ve already put this in action.

Is there anything else?

Yes, the list is still on as we want nothing but the best of everything for our users.

  1. Automated alert emails: If you are a registered healer on our platform and a seeker wants to contact you, he/she will initiate the contact and the request will now get to you on your email. We have automated all the actions that trigger emails and notifications which were previously not configured. Now, you no longer need to log in to your dashboards to see if there’s any request for an appointment awaiting their acceptance.
  2. Upgraded plans for Healers: now offers upgraded plans for healers who are in need of additional services, like Healers’ Stories, Show up events/webinar/workshop on AskHealer platform, Include WhatsApp number, Video Story on AskHealer Platform/YouTube Channel etc.  All subscription payments are configured via PayPal and with no auto debits meaning all our payment plans are Pay As You Go.
  3. Easy Payment Option: As most of our healers accept payments via PayPal, we have included an additional field within their profiles that will take the payer to their payment page directly.
  4. Fix the appointment or send In-mail – Just under the profile, we now urge visitors to fix the appointment or send In-mail. Earlier only registered members could see this option from their dashboard.
  5. Instant Appointment Option – As some of you may have noticed that when you login to your dashboard, you see an option to enable ‘Instant Connect’. By default, we’ve disabled this option. However, some of you may want to enable it. How this works? A seeker who is not registered with AskHealer can still choose to connect immediately initiating a request to the selected healer where both healer and the seekers can be connected with each other with a pre-activated connection link, getting connected at that very time purely depends on healer’s availability and choice.

AskHealer being an open platform encourages that our users must share their feedback and issues they are facing as we promise to try and resolve as early as possible. Well, this could not have been possible without the help of the hardworking team of and of course the suggestions you guys share with us. This platform is not just accepted but it has started to grow with a life of its own. For those, who’ve been with us before these changes were made, can always login to their dashboard and save the new changes.

Though we’re fairly new, but rest assured, we’re a fairly flexible in our approach and bring strong ethics and are open to suggestions, feedback and any changes wherever required and doable.

What’s in store for the future?

You can expect AskHealer to fairly show up on Google Rankings, thanks to our on-going efforts on the SEO as we grow and mature in the eyes of the users and of course with the help of healers listed in there who help us spread our word on their social media channels – all of which means landing more users on the We also have plans to launch our own app on the Google Playstore sometime by the end of next year.

We’ve started to accept donations via PayPal – ‘Help Us, Help You’ listed at the bottom of the home page. I would like to personally thank all those who’ve donated or purchased paid plans which indeed help us keep going.

Last but not the least; I would congratulate those healers who were the few first ones to be contacted by the seekers who visited the platform. I am sure as we expand, we will be able to direct more seekers to you.


founder –

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