We LIKE YOU TOO. We’re now 200+ Healers.

Life is a journey and a lot happens with us during this journey due to one reason or other. In the same way, our journey to make this platform which you know – “AskHealer” as a concept started a year ago but the understanding of feelings, emotions and pain of others have remained since childhood and this understanding had increased with the passage of time and that is what had encouraged me.

In this contemporary world of technologies somehow most of us have become over anxious, somewhat mentally restless and as a result some of us have started to question concepts like life, peace, happiness etc. which is in fact another reason to make this platform.

AskHealer has now 200+ HEALERS if not 5,000 yet!

Since AskHealer’s launch in July 2018, we’ve received over 250 applications which we reviewed for completeness, authenticity etc. As a result, we’ve approved 100 who can be contacted on our platform.  I would like to “THANK & WELCOME” all the “Healers” from the depth of my heart who’ve decided to join us to help others via this platform. Their infinite support boosts and encourages us to do more and more with greater responsibility and in a better way. We’re trying our level best to do every work with perfection but we admit that still there is a scope of improvement in our platform and we assure that we’re on it.

We’ve received a great response and support from people around the globe towards this platform. We also thank to all those people who appreciate our small effort to make this world a better place to live. Once again I would like to “THANK & WELCOME” all the “Healers” who took their precious time to register on our platform and all those people who applaud our small effort to help those who need support to remove their sufferings.


Onkarjot Singh

founder – AskHealer.com

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About Me

AskHealer is a perfect platform crafted to enable connections between seekers and healers community. Seekers can choose healers as per their needs and start receiving healing almost instantaneously.

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