Throughout the life we continuously interact with people around us. The people we interact with are not same in any manner like in physical as well as in emotional. It means the vibrational energies associated with them are also not same.It may be positive or negative and when we communicate with others our body absorbs that energy. If our body absorbs positive energy then it put positive effects on our body but if what our body absorb is negative then it unbalance our body or we can say it deactivate our chakras.

“Third Eye” chakra or “Anja” (ancient name of this chakra) is the sixth chakra. This chakra has indigo (Purple) colour. This chakra is located between your eyebrows just at the back of your forehead. It is associated with our dreams, feelings, nervous system, brain etc. Lack of concentration, nightmares, irritation, negative thoughts, headache, strokes, nervous system and brain problems etc. are the symptoms of blocked “Third Eye” chakra. You can balance your third eye chakra by practicing the following top 5 ways.

  1. Meditation is the most effective way to unblock your “Third Eye” chakra. Morning is the best time for practicing meditation. Just sit on the floor, close your eyes and focus on third eye in between your eyebrows. This is the best way to heal your “Third Eye” chakra.
  2. It’s very important to get enough sleep to balance your sixth chakra. So must make sure you get minimum of 7 to 8 hour sleep at night and don’t eat anything at least 2 to 3 hours before you sleep.
  3. Yoga is another crucial way to open your “Third Eye” chakra. Practice of downward facing dog pose, plough pose and headstand pose will help you to activate your sixth chakra.
  4. By repeating positive affirmations like “I can do anything”, “I see all circumstances with clarity”, “I am the best” (just to boost yourself, not to let others down) etc. helps you to clear your sixth chakra.
  5. Healthy diet (like green vegetables and fruits) is another key factor to unblock your sixth chakra. Purple and blue foods like blueberries, brinjal, raspberries, grape juice etc. are best to heal your sixth chakra.

Above are the top 5 ways to heal your “Third Eye” chakra. To get the more guidance about sixth chakra just visit our website and connect with worlds most talented chakra healers. For any query feel free to email us at

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