Communication is the best way to express your feelings, thoughts and ideas with others. It is very important to have balanced “Throat” chakra to express your views energetically in front of others. That’s why it is known as the communication centre of your body. “Throat” chakra is the fifth chakra which is located at the centre of your neck or the base of your throat and associated with blue colour. “Vishuddha” is the ancient name of this chakra which simply means “very clean”.

“Throat” chakra is not only connected with communication but also with expressiveness and imagination of a person. When your “Throat” chakra is unbalanced you feel difficulty while communicating with others. Blocked “Throat” chakra can be associated with emotional problems (like fear, anger and lack of self-confidence etc.) as well as physical problems (like tiredness, thyroid issues, ear shot trouble, breathing problems etc.). There are lots of ways to heal your “Throat” chakra. A few are given below;

  • Singing is very simple and effective way for “Throat” chakra cleansing. So practice singing whenever you get a chance and try to enjoy what you sing.
  • Yoga is the fantastic way to unblock your “Throat” chakra. Especially practice those yoga poses which stretches your body (like upward facing dog and downward facing dog pose) this will release negative energy from your body and build your control over anger.
  • Blue colour is associated with “Throat” chakra. By closing your eyes imagine, when you inhale, blue light fills up your throat and cleanse it and you are releasing your stress, tension and negativity when you exhale.
  • By drinking normal water in the morning helps you to reactivate your “Throat” chakra. It also helps you to sort out your digestion problems.
  • Self talk is the simplest way to unblock your throat chakra. It is also very useful for those who have speech or language impairment problems.

So, this is how you heal or unblock your “Throat” chakra. Visit our website to know more about “Throat” chakra and fix your appointment with experienced chakra healers. For any query please email us at

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