Sometimes due to a lot of work we feel uncomfortable and our body needs some rest. But due to hectic schedule we can’t get a chance to give much needed break to our body and we feel out of balance. Also, we forget to spend some quality time with family which effects our relationships. When we don’t take these things seriously then we lose our control over the circumstances. This situation changes our behaviour and also put bad effect on body.  These are the symptoms of blocked “Heart” chakra.

A “Heart” chakra is the fourth chakra and it’s Sanskrit name is “Anahata” which means “unhurt”. This chakra is located in the centre of the chest just between the shoulder blades and has green colour. Unbalanced heart chakra causes emotional and physical problems like jealousy, selfish, circulatory system and lungs problems etc. Fortunately there are many ways to unblock your “Heart” chakra. Here’re some of them.

  • Morning walk is the best way to heal your heart chakra, just roam in the green environment and take long breathes in the morning time is the easiest way to balance your “Heart” chakra.
  • Love others and especially yourself and let others to love you unreservedly and unselfishly is another easiest way to balance your “Heart” chakra.
  • Accept others in the way they are and forgive them. Spending some time with family also helps you to balances your “Heart” chakra.
  • Eat healthy food like green vegetables, fruits, warm soups helps you to open your “Heart” chakra.
  • Crystal like jade, green calcite, rose quartz etc are the “Heart”chakra stones. Keep these stones in your home and use them during your meditation time helps you to reactivate your “Heart” chakra.
  • By practicing yoga one can easily heal their “Heart” chakra. Camel pose is most effective yoga pose to unblock the “Heart” chakra.

You can try any one or all above given ways to re-balance your “Heart” chakra. To learn more ways to heal your “Heart” chakra just visit and fix appointment with world’s best chakra healers. For any query, please email us at


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