Thank and Welcome its first set of Healers…

Our body is not only made up of organs but also a powerful and invisible soul that is boundless and holds an unlimited energy that can actually create miracles. This is a world where we speak different languages and lives in different countries but our problems and quest about life are similar. While technology is growing at a fast pace and helping us improve our standard of living, somehow most of us are unable to overcome pain in life and gain lasting happiness. Actually, when people learn to address their problems at a physical, psychological and spiritual level, they have better chances of living a happy and good life.

There are thousands of people who are being emotionally abused or neglected by someone. And many of them do not even realize this and continue to suffer until they understand the problem and get proper help. They are likely to develop low self-esteem over-time and suffer from a feeling of guilt, shame, depression, loneliness, and rejection. This is when they need experienced healers who provide the much-needed care and heal people from within. The internet has made the world a rather small place and we all are connected to each other. is a platform where we try and connect the seekers with the healers from around the globe. The sole purpose of developing this platform is that every single person on the earth gets the much-needed care and ‘Healing’ at the right time and lives a happy and contented life.

We, at AskHealer, welcome all the Healers who have decided to join us to help others through this platform. We strive to make your experience better with us and constantly adding new functionalities on our website for a better and smoother experience. We ensure you that you will get long-term benefits from this partnership with us. We are determined to provide you the best marketing and technical help that will help you grow your income when you focus on providing the professional services, the care, and experience with a strong desire to HEAL people.

Last but not the least; we would like to THANK all the ‘Healers’ and every member of our team who have helped us in every possible way to make this platform what it is today. Your constant support boosts and encourages us more to work with greater responsibility. It is always encouraging to hear a positive response from people from different parts of the world. We would also like to thank all those people who appreciate our small effort to make this world a better place.


Onkarjot Singh

founder –

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About Me

AskHealer is a perfect platform crafted to enable connections between seekers and healers community. Seekers can choose healers as per their needs and start receiving healing almost instantaneously.

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