Chakras are the joining points through which energy flows in the body. As we know that our body has total 7 chakras. Each chakra has its own importance. “Sacral” chakra is the second chakra. The Sanskrit name of sacral chakra is the “Svadhisthana”. This chakra is situated just above the Root chakra in the lower abdomen. This chakra has orange color. It is very important to have balanced “Sacral” chakra as it controls the connectivity with others, sexuality and emotions.

Now one question arises how can we realize that our “Sacral” chakra is imbalanced? Unbalanced“Sacral” chakra leads to emotional and physical problems like stress, anxiety, depression, attachment issues, bladder infections and other health problems. Imbalanced sacral chakra creates relationship issues. So, to overcome these problems it is very important to have balanced “Sacral” chakra as it is the key to happiness and good health. There are many ways to put sacral chakra back in the balanced position. So, below are the 6 best ways to heal your second chakra.

  • Positive thinking and forgiveness towards others and yourself is the simplest way to heal your second chakra. As forgiveness helps you to control your anger which is the biggest reason behind imbalance of sacral chakra.
  • By understanding the feelings of others you can heal your sacral chakra and even help others to balance their sacral chakra too.
  • Practicing of yoga poses that open your hips helps you to balance your sacral chakra. As by doing these yoga poses results in release of negative energy from your body and increase the flow of positive energy in your body.
  • The sacral chakra is linked with orange color. By focusing on orange color one can heal their sacral chakra. As orange color gives the positive and calming energy.
  • Dancing is the very effective way to heal your sacral chakra. Dance styles which results in the hip movements are very useful in opening the second chakra.
  • If you feel that your Sacral chakra is imbalanced then its sure that your other chakras are also disturbed by negative energy because chakras depends upon each other and one imbalanced chakra puts bad impact on others chakras and make them out of balance.

So above are the some ways to balance your “Sacral” chakra. To know more about chakra healing you can read more blogs at blog.askhealer.com or you can book your session with world’s most talented healers at www.askhealer.com. For any query you can email us at support@askhealer.com.

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