Chakra plays an important role in your every activity throughout your life. There are total 7 chakras in your body which are located at different positions, starting from the bottom of your spinal cord up to the top of your head. The unbalancing of your charkas affects your health, wealth and happiness. “Root” chakra is the first chakra which is located at the base of your spine. This chakra has red color. It is the core of your chakra arrangement. This chakra has Sanskrit name “Muladhara”, a term made from the combination of two words “root” and “support”. As it is the base of chakras, it controls other chakras. This chakra fulfills the basic requirements of your life such as food, shelter and water, it also manages your mental health like faith, reception and emotions.

“Root” chakra is the foundation of chakra structure. So the unbalancing of this chakra affects the balancing of other chakras. The imbalanced “Root” chakra can create many problems like bad health, relationship problems etc. that’s why it is very important to balance this chakra. As “Root” chakra is very sensitive so it’s very difficult to set this chakra in equilibrium state. The imbalanced “Root” chakra can stops a person to healing the other chakras. That’s why a balanced “Muladhara” chakra should be the reason behind a happy and healthy person. There are several ways to heal an imbalanced “Muladhara” chakra. Some of them are given below:

  • Various different prayers, mantras and songs help to bring back “Root” chakra in the balanced position.
  • There are different meditation forms to balance the “Muladhara” chakra but the most useful one is the concentrating on your chakra’s physical position by using a seat stance.
  • As the “Root” chakra has red color so, it can be balanced by wearing red clothes and by painting the toe and hand nails red.
  • Eating red or healthy foods helps a lot to balance your “Muladhara” chakra.
  • The use of red gemstones is another way to healing your “Root” chakra. By placing the red crystals on the edges of your yoga mat also a very helpful way to balance your “Muladhara” chakra.
  • Mudras or hand gestures also helps you to balance your Root chakra. By practicing “Muladhara mudra” one can balance their “Root” chakra easily.
  • Daily shower and dance practice is the best possible way to balance your “Root” chakra.

So above are some ways to balance your “Muladhara” chakra. If you want to know more about chakras just visit and book a session with universe’s most brilliant healers. For any query, please email us at

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