Numerology is the study of numbers which explain about the character, behaviour and fortunes of a person. These numbers are known as Life path numbers and there are total 9 life path numbers from 1 to 9. Every number has its own importance and meaning. There are some other ways to calculate your life path numbers but all reaches at the same sole digit life path numbers. The simplest way to determine your life path number is from your date of birth. Life path number is also known as your lucky number or destiny number. This number reveals:

  • What will you do in your future?
  • What is the right time to start any work?
  • What is the right age to marry? etc.

Here’s the analysis of different life path numbers.

  • People having life path number 1 are determined natural leaders. They help others to achieve their goals. They handle every situation with calmness and have the ability to accomplish every challenge. They have lot of followers but if they need to follow someone for a while this may be a difficult time for them.


  • If your life path number is 2 then you are natural negotiator. You avoid arguments and have the aptitude to listen others. You are very punctual and never miss your routine. As you have the ability to acquire huge amount of tense energy which makes you over sensitive and unsure.


  • People with life path number 3 have innovative character. You express your thoughts in a very creative way, which others can easily understand. You always think positive in difficult situation. You should adopt disciplinary nature to live a stable life.


  • If number 4 is your life path number then you are a very realistic or practical person. You are very honest, reliable and also goal-oriented person. You can find a way to reach your goals. Sometimes you judge others with whom you can’t connect which makes you a conservative thinking person.


  • If 5 is your life path number then you are a very adventurous and forward thinking person. Freedom is most important in your life path and you enjoy every moment of life. Your interest changes with time that’s why you love to discover new things in life.


  • People with caring nature have life path number 6. Their happiness becomes double when their efforts put smile on other’s faces. Sometimes to save the relations you don’t even care about your self-respect. You should learn to think about yourself.


  • If 7 is your life path number then you are very positive person. You show yourself a peaceful person but you are always thinking internally. People with life path number 7 have the ability to gain the possible maximum knowledge as a human being. To become a better person you should express your thoughts openly.


  • If 8 is your life path number then you are an all-round personality. You are of a business-minded and very determined nature. You always look to become rich in But you’re in and out situations sometimes create obstacles in your works. They should spend some time with family to understand the importance of relationships.


  • 9 is the last life path number. People having life path number 9 are very respectful individuals. They understand the importance of emotions and feelings in a relationship. They have kind nature and always responsive for what’s happening around them. They should change their selfless nature in some cases as sometimes it creates difficulties in their personal life.

So above you can see the merits and demerits associated with different “Life Path numbers”. To know your Life Path number you can just visit www.askheler.com and make an appointment with your chosen numerologist. For any query please email us at support@askhealer.com.

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