For more than 10,000 years numbers stood as the base for any measurement structure. In the past, except few kingdoms, private civilization and countries had used numbers to understand the universe deeply. Even if you read the history of different communities like Greeks, Chinese, Mayans, Masons and Egyptians they also used numbers to recognize someone’s behavior and personality. The deeper study of numbers that linked with person’s born date which put significant result on someone’s life; future etc is known as the Numerology. These numbers describe a lot about someone’s ability, positivity, negativity and even their weakness.

We all know that, in the universe everything is vibrating at particular frequency. You can easily find out someone’s caliber and power that makes the person different from others by knowing the numbers connected with particular human’s vibration rate. Numerology is the alternative way of spirituality. Nobody knows from where numerology comes but its initial printed evidences were found in Egypt. Now the credit of modern day numerology goes to Pythagoras (Greek logician) because he invented some assumptions that take numbers to some different level. Everyone’s life is associated with life path number that describes their traits and personality. The life path number is always a single digit number, so there are total 9 probable life paths. By using your born date here’s how you calculate your life path number.

  1. Firstly add the digits of your birth month.
  2. Now add the numbers of your birth day. If the sum is greater than 9 and then add the two numbers of previous sum together.
  3. In the same way now add the digits of your birth year. If the resultant is greater than 9, then add the digits of your previous sum. Repeat the process until you get a single digit number.
  4. Add the resultant of steps 1, 2 and 3. If the output number is greater than 9 then add the digits of last sum together to get your life path number.

Here you see an example: –

Birth date: – November 14, 1991

Month: – November (11) so, 1+1 = 2

Day: – 15 sum, 1+4 = 5

Year: – 1991 sum, 1+9+9+1 = 20 then, 2+0 = 2

Therefore Life Path Number: – 2+5+2 = 9

So this is how you calculate your Life Path Number. To learn more about numerology just visit our website www.askhealer.com and book your appointment with world’s experienced numerologist. If you have any query please email us at support@askhealer.com.

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