Everyone has the ability to heal others through their good intentions and thoughts, so the distance between them doesn’t matters. How effectively you heal others depends upon how aware you are of your powers and how deeply you focus on someone’s problem which is the main principle of distance healing. As we know that every particle in this universe has its own energy, our thoughts and intentions have the power to change someone’s behavior no matter how far they are present from us.

Here is how distance healing works.

The connection between healer and patient is the most important thing in distance healing. The healing power of healer only works on patient if healer and patient are on same path i.e. they both should focus on a particular issue, this is mainly important for patient. When healer sends their intentions to a patient, the autonomic nervous system (the part of nervous system which controls the heart rate, digestive system, body temperature etc.) of patient gets activated which balances the functionality of the patient’s body. After sending intentions for 10 seconds healer takes a small break. The activation of autonomic nervous system of patient can be measured through the conductivity of skin which proves that distance healing really works.

It’s very essential to visualize about a person whom you are sending intentions, by doing this the intentions you send to others works more effectively. Intentions are that much powerful, they can even heal someone’s emotions. When you send your energetic thoughts to others then it means you are sending love to others which changes receiver’s negative thoughts into positive ones and heal all their problems. Daily practice helps you to enhance your distance healing skills and raise your vibration.

So this is how distance healing works. Visit our website and book an appointment with your selected healers and learn more about distance healing. For any query feel free to email us at

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