Ways of healing your body through crystals

We are living a life full of chaos and mendacity. There is so much of chasing the life goals that our health has almost taken a setback. But just recline back and think; what are you earning for, if half your wealth is going in expensive medical treatments? Commitment towards your health should be real. In a world full of expensive treatments and parallel medical assistances, crystal healing can be your way to serene life.

Crystal Healing- what you must know?

What exactly is crystal healing, you may think? Well, the use of crystals to re-align your bodily chakras and manage the energy field within your body is called crystal healing. The essence of crystal healing lies in the fact that chakras are paramount for the complete well-being of your mind, body, heart and soul. With the help of these crystals, one can re-align chakras and get back to the ultimate joy.

Soul healing with heart chakra

Heart is among the most important organs of your body and this is also the focal energy point. Heart is your first chakra. You can start healing your soul by making your heart more forgiving and accepting. Your heart chakra feelings can be altered with Heart chakra stones, viz. Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, Fuchsite stone.

Strengthening your sixth sense for Intuition and healing

Anja is the sixth or third eye chakra. It is here that you make your mind fruitful for cultivating intuition. Anja is associated with purple colour and by healing these chakras with crystals; you increase your potential of intuition or sixth sense. Third eye chakra stones include lapis lazuli, Amethyst, Clear quartz. By unblocking these chakras, you ward off serious medical illnesses, such as ear and eye issues and brain tumors.

Healing of the spirit and soul

Spirit is the most important basis of our life and often the most ignored one. By awakening your spirit or soul, you tend to heal your overall body and get complete control over your fickle mind. Spiritual growth is initiated with Crown Chakra and the stones that support this healing include Lepidolite, Quartz crystal. These crystals help you amplify your energy field or aura by unblocking crown chakra. Quartz crystal is important here because its geometrical shape magnifies energy and radiates it in a positive tone.

Chakra cleansing and yoga

Yoga is a way of life and not just a means of exercise. It reinstates your physical and mental health by ensuring a complete well-being. Yoga poses tend to even out your chakras by balancing them. You can start this process by arranging crystals or stones in vicinity of your yoga mat so as to re-align your chakras.

Balancing chakras with crystals- wearing crystal jewellery the right way

Crystals are not just a great jewelry item but also excellent for balancing chakras, if worn properly. Three chakra healing bracelets should be worn on left wrist. You can awaken your soul and internal wisdom by putting on your chest, the petrified wood stone.

Crystals are indeed your stepping stones to complete well-being. Follow the cleansing of chakras and see the difference!

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