Energy healing: – A peaceful way to refresh your life.

Most of the people somewhat know about “Energy Healing” but they don’t know what exactly “Energy healing” is? Let’s start to know more about energy healing.

Human body is a field of energy. This energy plays a vital role in your daily routine. Energy healing has different names like Chinese referred it as “qi”. Sometimes people relate this energy with your aura or with our chakras.

The energy field of our body is continuously absorbing, reflecting and deflecting the energy of everything around you, as your day passes. The energy of conversations and events happening around us affect our energy field, it vary constantly according to the energy field of other people we meet throughout your day. The continuous change in our energy fields can result inconsistencies and obstacles in our tasks.

There are different ways to heal your energy field, isn’t it a wonderful thing? Here are the different types of energy healing methods which can help you to re-balance your energy field:

  1. Reiki: – “Reiki” is the most common and popular energy healing form in the universe. Reiki is a Japanese way to reduce your stress and makes your body more relaxed. It has different forms; most of them are almost same. Reiki practitioner places their hands on the client’s body or little bit above the body but in their energy field. There are lots of benefits of Reiki like it removes your pain, physical problems and convert your negative energy into positive energy.

Reiki and distance healing are very like; the only difference is practitioner and client is not situated in the same room. As energy can be transferred from one place to another, distance healing can be done across the world successfully with the same effects. In a distance healing session, the practitioner and client decides the session time. The client places himself in a relaxed position and gets ready to accept the healing energy.

  1. Crystal Energy healing: – Everything in this universe carries a particular vibration and energy, in the same way crystals also handles a particular vibration and energy. Variety of crystals carries different types of energies. Color of crystal describes what type of energy it carries. The crystals color matches with the chakra color it assimilates to.

Which energy healing method you should choose?

As energy healing is of different types, it depends upon us which energy healing method we will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Some people prefer Reiki sessions, while some will like to choose crystal energy healing. We recommend you to try out few methods and practice one in which you feel comfortable. Energy healing has uncountable benefits. It is the most peaceful way to refresh your life.

If you don’t know the right techniques to practice energy healing then you don’t need to go anywhere just visit and learn the energy healing techniques from world’s most experienced energy healers. If you have any query, feel free to email us at

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