A guide for chakra healing beginners.

We all know that whole universe is made up of energies and your body too. Not very long in the past before the introduction of modern technology, people in the medieval period knew that living things carried life energy inside them. The core of energy that shifts within you they named it 7 chakras. There is a lot of confusion among people regarding these 7 chakras. They don’t know what exactly chakras are?

Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language word which means “Wheel”. The life energy is rotating and spinning within you. The energy which rotates inside you has 7 midpoints in your body. First is located at the bottom of your spinal cord and rest are placed above it, up to the top of your head. Following are the names of seven chakras.

  1. The Root chakra
  2. The Sacral chakra
  3. The Solar plexus chakra
  4. The Heart chakra
  5. The Throat chakra
  6. The 3rd Eye chakra
  7. The Crown chakra

The Root chakra: – The Root chakra is the first chakra which is situated at the bottom of your spinal cord. “Muladhara” is the ancient name of this chakra, which is derived from the word “Mula”. It attaches all your energy with the earth. This chakra is red in color. The function of this chakra is to complete your every necessity which you need to live.

The sacral chakra: – The Sacral chakra or “Svadhishana” (ancient name of sacral chakra) is the second chakra. This chakra is found above the Root chakra or right lower to the belly button. This chakra helps you to get pleasure from your life on earth. This chakra has orange color.

The Solar Plexus chakra: – Solar Plexus is the third chakra. “Manipura” is the ancient name of this chakra. Solar Plexus chakra has yellow color. This chakra gives you the self confidence. This chakra is located at the center of your belly button.

The Heartchakra: – Heart chakra or “Anahata” chakra (ancient name of this chakra) is the fourth chakra. This chakra has green color and located just right to your heart. This chakra connects your heart with love and sympathy.

The Throat chakra: – The fifth chakra is the Throat or “Vishuddha” chakra which means “very pure”. This chakra gives you the power to speak truth. The color of this chakra is blue. It is situated in between your chest bone and shoulder blades.

The Third Eye chakra: – “Anja” (ancient name of this chakra) or third eye chakra is the sixth chakra. This chakra gives you the knowledge beyond the material world. The third eye chakra has indigo color and located in between your eyebrows.

The crown chakra: – The Crown chakra is the seventh chakra. “Sahaswara” is the ancient name of this chakra. This chakra explains about the consciousness energy which you can’t see. This chakra has violet-white color and located at the top of your head.

By practicing chakra healing you can balance your chakras. It heals your emotional, physical as well as your mental problems. If you don’t know how to practice chakra healing then you can visit www.askhealer.com and book your session with world’s finest chakra healers.

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