What people should know about energy healing?

Energy healing can be termed as a holistic approach of redefining your energy systems by removing blockages. By energy healing, a therapist just unblocks the passage of body’s inherent ability of self-healing. It just means stimulating your body for natural healing process.

Body’s energy centers & opinions of different cultures

The Japanese tend to stimulate energy healing though Reiki, while the Hindu texts of past have defined seven energy transmission centers in human body, Chakras. The Chinese define Meridians for energy healing. All these cultures have their own modalities for simulation of energy healing.

From the school of physics

Humans have their own vibrations. That is why; we often feel the “vibes” from people. Some of us have a great “aura” or energy field, which gives positive or good vibes to others. Human body’s energy field and vibrations are based on the principles of physics. In a room, for example, where a heated argument takes places the air suddenly feels heavier. Do you know why that is? It is because of collective “negativity or negative aura” in the environment.


Spiritual and energy healing are co-related completed

An open mind can receive things as they are meant to be. When you feel inclined towards energy healing, you need not be spiritual as well. A good therapist can help you feel relaxed with a single energy healing session. Start practicing it to enjoy serenity and well being.

Accessibility of Energy healing

One can find it in their proximity as well. You can touch base with Reiki practitioners, Acupuncture therapists, Reflexologists and even massaging practitioners. A yoga studio can be your way of energy healing as well. All these practices can help you get complete relaxation.

Energy healing with DIY methods

Commitment towards your well being is your responsibility and energy healing is also possible at home. You can get started by maintain hygiene in and around your vicinity. Start your day with freshness by practicing yoga or keeping good vibes by bathing in essential oils.

Energy healing is not a destination, but an odyssey where you learn new things to improve your health every day.  If you have willingness for energy healing, you might even feel hooked to it forever.

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